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Web design and development - AKH Infotech
  • Allow customers to mix and match, compare and choose a best suited products/solution
  • Customize solutions with confgurators based on pre-set permutations and combinations
  • Connect with the customer's interests and generates qualified leads
  • Buils credibility by giving the power of decision making to the customers
AKH web solutions will reduce your information technology costs and strengthen your relationships with your customers, suppliers and partners and your in house team.

Our Website Development Process

Project Requirement - AKH Infotech

Project Requirements

"We gather all the requiements about your application. We create a proposal and discuss best and most efficient way to create this application."
Analysis - AKH Infotech


"After we know your requirements, our team will get together and aanalyze them techically. At this point, we will be able to make recommendations based on the latest trends."
Website Planinng - AKH Infotech


"This is the phase where we build a wireframes amd mock ups for your application. We will follow this mock-ups and wireframes and through the process of development."
Strategy - AKh Infotech


"After planning is finished, our team will decide what is the most efficient way to implement wireframes and mock-ups into actual project. At this point we will set short-teerm goals for the team. "

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