AKH Infotech is Morrisville, NC, US based Web Development Company

We are leading company

                          AKH Infotech is a state-of-the-art web development firm based in the United States. We are a global provider of web development services, which extend to building custom mobile apps and providing outstanding IT Training.

We have went through great lengths to find some of the most outstanding minds in the business, and we also take pride using the latest technolgy to bring websites, apps and software to optimal levels of looks and performance.

We specialize in Wordpress, Bootstrap, Joomla, PHP and new of few. Want to design custom websites? just ask. we also aim to break down the technical side of things into easy-to-use processes for the end user.

Services Offered

AKH Infotech provide range of development and design services that are easy on the eye, and light on the budget. Our team is fkexible to work with a mobile applications including Applw, Windows and Android phones and tablets. Get apps woking fo evry target group and most importantly, get it right on the first try.

Why Choose AKH Infotech?

We Know the Web-AKH Infotech

We Know The Web

Weather users are browsing on computers or through mobile applications, AKH Infotech masterpieces are built to perform, engage and derive more sales. Need calls to action included? How about media, social plug-ins or even tracking? Well code with efficiency and simplicity.
We provide add-on services

We Provide Add-ons

We dont build a platform, then you hanging. Get all in one solutions to get business up and growig. Additional services include SEO, blog, Google Adwwords Management and more.
We have Experienced Team-AKH Infotech

Experienced Team

We have a well seasoned team IT professionals taht have done the muscle work in perfecting the services provided.
We Think Outside The Box- AKH Infotech

We Think Outside The Box

Skip cokie-cutter designs altogether. The creative talents of our team members equal original and appealing templates that work.
We give more for less - AKH Infotech

We Give More For Less

AKH Infotech works with several budgets so that building professional digital atmosphere are well within reach.

If need more information about Web Design & Development Please click here or email at info@akhinfotech.com